Girl with Two Cats

In Hampton Roads, residents and businesses are prone to roof rats.  We recently had a customer call and inform us of activity in their attic throughout all hours of the night.  Upon meeting the family, the mother told me that their daughter was suffering from nightmares and the noises she had been hearing convinced her that there was a monster in their attic.  After several weeks of trying to reassure their daughter that there are no monsters, the mother witnessed the noises herself; the scratching and gnawing of wood sounds just feet above her daughter’s head terrified her too.  She called us, “best decision of my life” she said.  “They disinfected our attic, replaced insulation, and even animal proofed our home; they even guaranteed their work”. Within thirty minutes of receiving the mother’s call, I was onsite baiting and setting traps.  “Professional, reasonably priced, fast and efficient.  Now my daughter and my whole family are sleeping peacefully!”