Snake in Backyard Lawn

Common Questions

Q:  When is the soonest you can come to my home or business.

A:  Typically, we can come out the same day and usually within the hour.   

Q:  Do you catch poisonous snakes? A:  Yes, we will catch and remove any snake from your property.  We can even ward off snakes from your property with snake deterrent.  

Q:  Do rats and mice really attract snakes? 

A:  Rats/mice secrete urine constantly from their bladders.  This scent attracts snakes because it indicates that a food source in near.    

Q:  I have a foul odor in my house; can you help? 

A:  Absolutely, very large flies accompanied by a very intense foul smell are synonymous with rotting flesh.  Often times, an aging or injured wild animal will search for a safe place to pass away unfortunately that place is often in between the walls of a home or business or possibly even the crawl space.  

Q:  There’s a squirrel in my living room.  Can I catch it myself? 

A:  We do not recommend trying to wrangle a wild animal.  They are unpredictable.  Leave the wildlife removal to Epix.